Friday, September 20, 2019

Khalid Quotes

I always try to be nice. I never want to be that person that anyone perceives as being rude or disrespectful, ’cause that’s not me at all. Khalid

I wrote ‘Saved’ as a form of therapy to get over the fact that I had moved and lost so much of myself. Khalid

Being vulnerable was difficult for me at first because I’ve said things in my songs about how I felt that I never told anybody. Khalid

I knew if I worked hard enough that I’d be successful and eventually give opportunities to others. Khalid

We were told not to turn our hobby into our job, but to turn our job into our hobby. As kids, we were told not to pursue our dreams! Khalid

My peers inspire me, especially being a newer artist. Khalid

A lot of people feel pressured by the outside influences, whether it’s your job, whether it’s school. But who says you can’t take care of that stuff and still be young? Khalid

I was told I wasn’t good enough, but I just chose not to listen. Khalid