Friday, September 20, 2019

Ileana D’Cruz Quotes

When you are working with actors who are secure, who have nothing really to prove, it gets a lot easier working with them. Ileana D’Cruz

When people ask me to describe my journey in Hindi cinema post-‘Barfi!’ I actually don’t know what to say. Ileana D’Cruz

The reason I did ‘PPNH’ was because I wanted to do something different, wacky, and mainstream after ‘Barfi!’ Ileana D’Cruz

If you are visible in the whole film, but there is no depth in your role, then the role is not significant. Ileana D’Cruz

I always wanted to play a Punjabi girl because I always found them very colourful, in a way. There’s always a spark to all the Punjabi girls I’ve seen onscreen. Ileana D’Cruz

I am a public figure, but I am not public property. Ileana D’Cruz

My personal life is only my business and the business of the people who are close to me. Ileana D’Cruz

I have a lot of dignity and am my own woman who does not dance to anyone’s tunes. Ileana D’Cruz

When I was working in south films, I never understood how films were made. Ileana D’Cruz

My basic knowledge about Punjabi comes from films. Ileana D’Cruz