Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ileana D’Cruz Quotes

My personal life is only my business and the business of the people who are close to me. Ileana D’Cruz

I have a lot of dignity and am my own woman who does not dance to anyone’s tunes. Ileana D’Cruz

When I was working in south films, I never understood how films were made. Ileana D’Cruz

My basic knowledge about Punjabi comes from films. Ileana D’Cruz

‘Barfi!’ was a beautiful film. I’m proud to be associated with it. Ileana D’Cruz

I’m aware that I am flawed. I’m aware that I have issues. I’m aware that I need to be able to be healthy, not just physically but mentally. Ileana D’Cruz

At the end of the day, you are doing the film for the audience. Ileana D’Cruz

I don’t think I will ever understand Bollywood. And I’m happy about that because it is a big, crazy, world. It’s too complicated and chaotic to understand. Ileana D’Cruz

I was a complete tomboy. You’d never see me wearing skirts. Ileana D’Cruz

I never thought I’d be somebody dealing with anxiety or depression. Ileana D’Cruz