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Adam Jones Quotes

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Adam Jones Quotes

About Adam Jones

Adam Thomas Jones (born January 15, 1965) is a three-time Grammy Award-winning American musician and visual artist, best known for his position as the guitarist for Tool.

Famous Adam Jones quotes

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With four perfectionists in the band, we have a hard time reaching perfection. Adam Jones


I listen to Helmet – and I love Helmet, they’re a great band – but every song sounds the same. Adam Jones


Different people get different things out of the images. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, all that matters is how it makes you feel. Adam Jones


I think putting labels on people is just an easy way of marketing something you don’t understand. Adam Jones


The Melvins are grunge. Adam Jones


I’m a self-taught guitarist, but I have a classical music background. Adam Jones


I’m my own worst critic and I think everyone in the band is a perfectionist. Adam Jones


My approach is to be part of a band that makes music, not hit songs. Adam Jones


That’s the thing I like about my sound. It’s real raw and very unsafe compared to a solid state kind of sound. Adam Jones


I’m not into solos, I’m into lyrics. Adam Jones


As far as the grunge thing, there are three bands from Seattle that I would call true grunge. Adam Jones


When we played with the Rollins Band, we’d keep songs going until we felt like ending it. Adam Jones


We’re more into expressing ourselves than making radio hits. Adam Jones


We wanted to take as much time and effort making the video as we did the song. Adam Jones


We have meetings with our record label to tell them how to market us. Adam Jones


We could have gone with much bigger labels and more money, but we wanted to go with a company that is LA based, all in the same building, and really understands what the artists want. Adam Jones


That’s what I love about our music – it’ll never be a hit because you can’t dance to it. Adam Jones


Many of the songs on Undertow were written at the time Opiate came out. Adam Jones


If I play anything that sounds like a solo, it’s gonna sound like a lyric. Adam Jones


I’ve never worried about how long the song is. Adam Jones


I’ve always dabbled on guitar, but never took lessons. Adam Jones


I’m not a good guitar player. Adam Jones


I’m not a geek about equipment, I just know what I like. Adam Jones


I’m a bass player from way back and Paul is a guitar player and we’ve been in many bands. Adam Jones


I use Gibson guitars; I prefer the Les Paul custom. Adam Jones


I think people like Steve Vai are so boring. Adam Jones

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